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Virtual Discussion Panel: College Financing 101

Recorded Live on February 8, 2023


What every college-bound family should know about financial aid and how it works

Check out the video below to get answers to questions like:


How and when should you tackle financial aid forms and applications?


How can you maximize your child's merit-based aid through scholarships and other sources?


What financial factors should you consider in finding the best college fit?


Stephanie Hancock 1.jpg

Stephanie Hancock, CFP®

Founder of College AidWorks

Stephanie founded College Aid Consulting (now College AidWorks) in 2001, and since then she has been on a crusade to guide parents of high school students in their quest for financial assistance, without the stress, anxiety, and headache that can come from navigating the system alone. Through more than 20 years of experience, Stephanie has developed a reputation as the “College Aid Lady,” the go-to source when it comes to financial aid. Not only has she advised parents and families of high school students, she’s also been a trusted resource for high school counselors and independent college counselors alike. She is invited annually to deliver presentations at high schools and PTSA organizations as part of their college admissions programming. In addition to owning College Aid Consulting, Stephanie heads Hancock Wealth Advisory, a state-registered investment advisory where she offers financial planning for a fee. She specializes in college funding, equity compensation strategies, and retirement planning for individuals and business owners. She earned her B.A. in French with Economics from UCLA.

Anthony Berryhill.jpg

Anthony Berryhill

College Admissions Consultant

Anthony Berryhill (MBA, M.Phil, CSM) is an education professional who has spent his career in teaching, academia, HR, and the finance/fintech industries. He has spent two decades teaching, mentoring, and coaching Millennial and Gen Z students and employees in both debate and college admissions. Anthony’s students have won $1.4 million/year in scholarships, and attended universities such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Chicago. Until June 2022, Anthony worked as a Vice President of Learning and Program Management at PIMCO, a buy-side investment firm, where he developed the firm’s global mobility, onboarding, and professional development strategy. Most recently, Anthony qualified and has been invited to join MENSA as a member.


Katy Langhorst Headshot.jpg

Katy Langhorst, M.Ed.

President at StudyPoint

As President, Katy oversees our StudyPoint operations while working closely with families to identify and address their academic tutoring, SAT/ACT preparation, and admissions support needs. This includes understanding your child’s academic history and working with you to identify which instructor on our staff will be the right match for your child’s unique personality. 


Before joining StudyPoint in 2010, Katy spent 13 years in the world of education, including six years as a Regional Director for SCORE! Educational Centers and five years as a 4th and 5th grade classroom teacher in a public school. She holds a B.S. in Child Psychology from Yale and a Master’s in Elementary Education from Lesley University, and she currently serves on the boards of several non-profits.

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